A product of international distinction, guaranteed for lifetime against peeling and cracking, which covers the complete range of automotive refinish products.

A locally manufactured product, but the principal difference between Paints n Things and the remainder of the paint suppliers, is the price difference.

The latest addition to our paint products are a range of Road Marking Paints and a few other household paints, at competitive market related prices.

Kapci South Africa has established a national distributor network, and has branches in the Cape, Pretoria and KwaZulu Natal regions.

South Africa
After careful consideration of the market opportunities in Southern Africa, a decision was taken by Kapci Egypt to enter into a agreement with a South African partner and to develop Kapci Coatings South Africa as a means of introducing the Kapci range of refinish products into sub-Saharan Africa. Kapci South Africa, under the ownership of Nizam Ally (Chairman), operates as a distributor for Kapci refinish products for Southern Africa, and a culture of close co-operation between the two companies for the advancement of the brand has been developed.   In February of 2003, the final agreement was signed between Kapci Egypt and Kapci South Africa, with the promise of wholehearted support for the enterprise in Southern Africa.

To date, huge interest has been shown in South Africa and neighbouring countries in the brand. Kapci South Africa has established a national distributor network, and has branches in the Cape, Pretoria and KwaZulu Natal regions. They have also recently appointed distributors in both Botswana and Malawi, who are running very successfully and have converted a number of top bodyshops to Kapci in recent months. In addition, the plans are already in place to enter other African markets in Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Kapci South Africa places a great deal of importance on training, and their team of technical consultants are there to ensure that not only are the distributor staff competent with the application processes and properties of the paint, but that this knowledge is passed on to the bodyshop personnel, down to the most junior member of the workshop staff. Training will be structured in such a way as to endeavour to uplift previously untrained people to a level where they are able to function successfully in a paintshop using automotive paint products.   Detailed records will be kept of training which has been undergone with a specific individual, and follow up courses will be planned for each individual on an ongoing basis. New products and processes are introduced as they become available and the trainee is always kept up to standard on recent developments.  

Training takes place from the Kapci demonstration van, on site at Fantam Auto Body, and also at the end-user's premises if necessary. In addition, Kapci distributors are also empowered to give training to the same level as the Kapci technicians and this further extends our training offer to the public.

Kapci Coatings in Egypt is the biggest Egyptian company producing Automotive Refinishes, and indeed the biggest in the entire Middle Eastern area. Kapci currently holds a market share of more than 80% of the local car refinishes in Egypt. This company operates a paint production plant in Port Said industrial area (El Raswa) in Egypt and is the only paint plant of its kind in Port Said. They export a considerable part of their production to Europe, the Middle East and Africa and, therefore, their location within Port Said facilitates the transportation of its products to these areas via Port Said and Damietta Ports. Due to the increasing demand of Kapci products globally, Kapci moved to a new huge plant in Port Said recently (over 170,000.00 m 2 ).

They believe that in 2 years time their overseas markets will jump from 18 markets to 30 markets worldwide. Quality control is an essential and very important function in any paint industry. The recent awarding of the international ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification by the German TUV organisation is a testament to the high standards set by Kapci production facilities.

Kapci Egypt began exporting car refinish products from around the year 2000. Their overseas markets are divided into 4 main sections:
Middle East & Gulf countries:
    Gaza, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Iraq, Bahrain, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon.
African Countries:
    Libya, Uganda, Kenya, Mauritius, Madagascar, South Africa, Malawi and Botswana.
European Countries :
    England & Poland
Asian Countries :
    Pakistan & Singapore
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