A product of international distinction, guaranteed for lifetime against peeling and cracking, which covers the complete range of automotive refinish products.

A locally manufactured product, but the principal difference between Paints n Things and the remainder of the paint suppliers, is the price difference.

The latest addition to our paint products are a range of Road Marking Paints and a few other household paints, at competitive market related prices.

Kapci South Africa has established a national distributor network, and has branches in the Cape, Pretoria and KwaZulu Natal regions.

... to our Paints 'n Things website. Paints ‘n Things was established at the point when opportunities opened for previously disadvantaged race groups, as the ability to progress in the past was very limited.

Paints ‘n Things is a 100% BEE company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company opened its doors in 2003 with the intention of paint supply to the industrial market, focusing on busses, trucks and the railways. Our focus is mainly on two products, the first being Kapci Coatings a world known brand in the automotive industry” and a range of Quick Drying Enamel paint, which is locally manufactured. A test recently conducted by the SABS where Kapci Coatings products was shown to have met, and in some cases, exceeded the requirements of the RTS spec of the SARCC.

Our latest inclusion in our line of products is the complete water based system , which would be presented to Spoornet SA in a short while from now. This would effectively put us in a position to supply every required product to the railway industry.

Products :
Paints n Things is focused on two principal products, They are:
•  KAPCI Coatings
•  Quick Dry Enamels
•  Road Marking Paints

We know you can afford to use Kapci products ……
but can you afford not


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